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"Babe" in Christ
by Flora W. Kunst
North Cove Road
Sterling, MA 01564

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     This book shows many ways to hear the voice of God.   Jesus said, "My sheep hear my voice.", and we can learn to hear better and better.  God spoke to Flora through His word, as well as experiences, other people, dreams, and visions.  Some were vividly clear, others were supremely meaningful only after a diligent search.  What a marvelous vision it was to have a visit from Jesus in person!  And another from His Mother Mary!  What a reassurance of His outreach it was to have her husband Artie -- mystified -- read "RHEMA" written in glowing letters on the deck of his boat!

    Flora Kunst lives in Sterling, Massachusetts.  She felt a compelling need for "something more" in her spiritual life -- coupled with an eagerness to find it.  Her quest led along a marvelous path of growth in the Kingdom of God.

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